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3 Questions

Is this really for free at the moment?

Yes - during time we will build up this website we let this be free. Our hope is that commercial will pay for this in the long term (one advertise/page)

Why are you make this website? There is so many other..

We make this website because there is so many places we all can share our information on. Hotel and restaurants is not our main target (but we are happy to have them) Shops for ppl to live all over the world as a foreigner is some we are really happy to have in database and also this perfect place to visit when you go outside as a tourist/family

Can i put in a place even if i don't own it?

Yes you can, register as a free member and add in a item. In future we will add in so a owner can claim this as there own, but please for now, help out build up some for your self and other